Tamano City

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Sightseeing spots in Tamano City
Miyama Park

This park is located almost in the center of Tamano City, having plenty of nature.
This urban park is adjacent to Route 30 and its elevation varies from 50 to 180 meters.
The total area of the park is 200 ha and it is filled with over 150,000 trees of 300 different types, including Japanese plum, camellia, azalea, and maple trees, in addition to 7,000 cherry blossom trees.
The park includes pedestrian trails, a water park, a turf park, and playgrounds where people from both inside and outside the city can enjoy casual outdoor sports and leisure activities.
The park also has a dog run which is visited by many dog lovers with small to large dogs not only on weekends but also on week days to enjoy time with their dogs.

Dog run

The front desk is open at Miyama Center House on weekdays and at the dog run on weekends and holidays.
Admission : 500 Yen per dog per time

Open    : 9:00 to 17:00

Closed   : Wednesdays(Thursdays if the Wednesdays fall on a holiday) and over the New Year holidays

Green house MIYAMA (roadside station)

Various different specialties produced in the area are available at the roadside station.
These include homegrown vegetables and fruits, seasonal flowers, fresh seafood such as conger, octopus, and turban shells, as well as products made from materials from the Tamano area.
In the restaurant, you can enjoy a “Tamageta (big surprise) hamburger” and a new item on the menu, “Tamageta (big surprise) rice bowl” which many people are already familiar with as these have been introduced on television programs and in information magazines.

  Direct retail markets (vegetables, fruits, and fresh seafood)
             : 8:30 to 16:00 from Wednesday to Sunday and holidays
  Specialty goods  : 8:30 to 17:00 from Wednesday to Sunday and holidays
  Restaurant    : 8:00 to 17:00 from Wednesday to Sunday and holidays
  For more information, call  0863 (32) 0115, Green house MIYAMA.

Miyama English Garden

The traditional English Garden with a style from the 20th century was produced by Peter Thurman, a English garden engineer.
Many beautiful flowers and trees live side-by-side in harmony in nature.
The garden maintains a beautiful seasonal nature setting which is cultivated in accordance to the history and culture of England.

  Admission  : Adult (junior high school students and over) 200 Yen, Child (elementary school students) 100 Yen
  Open     : 9:00 to 16:30
  Closed    : Wednesdays (Thursdays if the Wednesdays fall on holidays) and over the New Year holidays
  For more information, call 0863 (21) 2860, Tamano City Park Greening Association.

Shibukawa Beach

The length of beach with white sand and green pine trees is 1 Km long.
This beach has been chosen as one of the “Best 100 beaches in Japan” and the “Best 100 quality bathing beaches”.
The beach is famous spot for year-around marine sports where you can enjoy sailing and windsurfing.
There is nothing to be compared with the view of twilight silhouettes from Shibukawa Beach.
It is a very romantic spot to visit.

  Parking lot    : For 1,000 vehicles (No admission charge except during the beach seasons)
  Passenger car  :  1,000 Yen per day  Large vehicles :  2,500 Yen per day
  Motorcycle   :  500 Yen per day

 Beach season
 From the last Sunday of June to the last Sunday of August
 Fees for use of municipal facility in Shibukawa Beach
 (Available only during the beach season)
 Water shower   : 100 Yen per time
 Luggage shelves :  200 Yen per piece per day
      (No luggage can be checked in after 4:30 p.m.)
 Rental space   :  500 Yen per mat per day
 Change room   :  Free of charge

Shibukawa Marine Aquarium
(Tamano Municipal Marine Museum)

A historical museum, devoted to the sea and consisting of an aquarium and exhibition halls, it opened in 1953.
In the aquarium, 2,000 sea animals of approximately 180 spices from various places in Japan, mainly of Seto Inland Sea, are exhibited in 34 small to large aquariums.

 Admission (one day)
  Adult : 500 Yen (15 years or older, 15-year-old junior high school students not included)
  Child : 250 Yen (5 to 14 years old, including 15-year-old junior high school students)
 Year-round passport (Admission pass valid for 1 year from the date of purchase)
  Adult : 1,200 Yen
  Child : 600 Yen
  Pair : 1,600 Yen (Admission pass for a combination of an adult and a child)
 Tour group
  30 people or more : 10% discount
  100 people or more : 20% discount
  300 people or more : 30% discount
 Group of students
  (A group of 20 students or more, up to high school age, must be a part of school activities and accompanied by teachers)
  Kindergarten, nursery school, elementary school : 150 Yen per child
  Junior high school  : 175 Yen per student
  High school student : 320 Yen per student
   (The number of students in a group does not include children younger than 5 years old.)

Ojigatake Hill

Ojigatake Hill is adjacent to Shibukawa Beach and has a dynamic view of giant and oddly-shaped rocks.
The entire length of the Seto Ohashi Bridge, a beautiful layout of small islands scattering in the inland sea, and a panoramic view of a range Shikoku Mountains can be enjoyed from the summit of Ojigatake Hill.
Ojigatake Hill is designated as a part of Seto Inland Sea National Park. There are many oddly-shaped rocks and you can enjoy viewing “Ojisan (uncle) Rock”, “Niko-niko (smiley) Rock”, and “Hitsuji (sheep) Rock” in Ojigatake Hill.
This is the famous place for sky sports and we have a launching point of paragliders here.
The name, Ojigatake (Oji-gatake) Hill came from an old tale saying that eight Princes (eight Ojis) once lived here.

The height of this mountain is 235 meters and it is suitable for hiking.
It is recommended that you start hiking from the pedestrian trail near Shibukawa Port if you want to reach to top of the mountain by foot.
There are three free parking lots on this mountain that can accommodate 200 carts.

 Major events in Tamano City
Shibukawa Wisteria Festival

The longest wisteria trellis in Japan having a total length of 900 meters is at Shibukawa Park.
The “Shibukawa Wisteria Festival”is held on April 29 of every year and starts a series of sightseeing events in Tamano City.
We welcome many people from inside and outside of the city who came to enjoy vivid wisteria starting to bloom in all their glory.

Tamano Harbor Festival
 (Uno Port)

This festival is held every year in the middle of May in the area round Jetty number 1 at Uno Port.
People can enjoy stage attractions and shopping at the flea market.
The key phrase for this festival is “The event dealing with sea, harbor, and boats that we can experience only in Tamano” and thus various boats including a large passenger boat, naval escort boats, sailing boats, and school ships are opened to the public.

Tamano Festival (Dancing parade and fireworks show)

On the first weekend of August, Tamano Festival is held every year.
Tamano’s local folk music, “Kakkaraka”, is played for dancers who dance to the music through the main street on the west side of city hall.
At the same time, a fireworks show is held where large fireworks (size of 30cm) can be seen.

Launching ceremonies at Mitsui Shipbuilding Company

Ships are manufactured in such a way that they slide from the building berth.
This method of shipbuilding is not seen often anymore in Japan.
It is impressive to see a ship being launched into the water with a loud and big splash.

Shibukawa Beach

The largest beach in Okayama Prefecture, many people come to this beach in the summer to enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine.
You will see many beach umbrellas in different vivid colors here in summer time.
Shibukawa beach is a spot people can enjoy throughout the year as the beach can be used for beach soccer and beach volleyball tournaments in off season in September and October.

Access map

By train  Approximately 40 minutes on the Uno-line from Okayama Station
By bus  : Approximately 40 minutes by super-express bus from Okayama Station(Bus runs every 30 minutes)
By car  : Approximately 40 minutes from the Kojima Interchange of the Seto Chuo Expressway via Route 430
     (approximately 19 Km).